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In 2000, a group of diverse expat women came together to create the Women’s Skills Bureau (WSB), a community organization aimed towards helping expats in Saudi Arabia navigate this special country.

Twenty years later, the WSB has diversified from solely focusing on expat spouses to a vehicle of bringing professional women of all nationalities – Saudi and expat – together. The WSB continues to be a dynamic source of information, advice and networking events. But beyond the monthly newsletter, the workshops and the monthly networking events, a group of women have connected in supporting and empowering each other flourish and find opportunities.

Knowing you have helped someone or a cause you believe in, makes us human and whole, and I sincerely believe gives back tenfold.

WSB Founder, Sally Kennedy


WSB aspires  to develop and empower a network of women of all nationalities to support and help each other find meaningful roles in our community through the support and opportunities offered by the WSB.


WSB connects, inspires, and empowers women of all nationalities living in Riyadh by providing tools, resources and career guidance to thrive in all aspects of their lives. By creating a community that connects experience, knowledge and skills, the WSB supports and enables women to explore and pursue their full potential.