A little act of kindness

A little act of kindness

By Gladys Manalo from Marriott Hotel DQ

Working in a different country is difficult, it is not a walk in the park. Although there are plenty of positives, it is not without its challenges too. In addition, the place where we are working should be our second home and I can say that the thing that we need is to make a concerted effort to foster a culture of kindness in our workplace, that is so worth it!

Aesop said, “No act of kindness, however small is ever wasted. “ Yes, he’s right and we just need to build a workplace of kindness by simple gestures. Giving a compliment, inviting our colleague for lunch, or offering congratulations are all little acts of kindness that surely can build a strong culture of compassion, in this way, surely we can get a big smile!

Just to share, November 8th was the birthday of my boss, and it is his first month working with us, also it was his first time to work in an Arab country.  I know how he feels, it is so tough being far from his loved ones, to be in a place that has a big difference fr omthe culture where he grew up. As he told us, he never celebrated his birthday, but you can never imagine how he smiled, how his heart was full of happiness when he saw that all of us, his staff had gathered together holding a birthday cake and started a warm happy birthday song. He felt his importance to us, his eyes were full of emotion, while all of us were very happy to make him feel that he is at home away from home.

Act of kindness can happen in different ways. We can initiate the act or we can perform an act in response to a kind of act bestowed on us.  We could do something nice but regardless of which way we do it and to whom, the most important thing is we do it without any expectation of reward. I promise you, even a little act of kindness, will give immense satisfaction and pleasure!

What are you waiting for? Yallah, spread the act of kindness and start in your workplace! – by Gladys Manalo

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