A letter to yourself

A letter to yourself

By Nadeen Fathima

Dear *the one reading this*,
Hey, you there! Yes, you! How have you been doing in life? Perhaps a lot happier, or maybe a little sad? Whatever it is,I hope you are in the best of your health. If you are happy, I hope the happiness lasts and embarks you upon a beautiful life ahead. If you are sad, I won’t ask you to try to search for happiness. I know sometimes you just can’t. I’d rather send you endless prayers to feel better soon, because sadness is something that gets hard sometimes to deal with. Life gets inexplicable at times, I promise and it’s okay. 
Is the world or people around you tiring you out a little bit? Or you’re just drained off energy trying to explain yourself to people? Or somebody just broke your trust or your feeble heart? Did you feel that you weren’t good enough and contemplated over it again and again? If it did, I’d say you that people around sometimes spread toxicity and if you listen to everything, life would only get harder. You may be stressing over it. I know it’s hard. Overthinking just seeps within you. But dear, don’t let people or anything drain you off yourself. At the end, do what makes you happy. Were you less appreciated recently or discouraged for something amazing you did? Did it feel like people didn’t notice how good you were at something? I promise, even when people don’t appreciate, keep doing it. I promise it gets better. 

Oh well, did you cry yourselves to sleep last night? Because the weight of this world was unbearable? Because you just couldn’t love yourself? Overburdened. It may feel like nothing gets better but trust me time heals everything. Be strong. Did you feel like your opinions didn’t matter/you yourself didn’t? Trust me, there are people who would miss you when you’re gone. There are people who admire you so much without even you realizing. You are not just another human hidden in the crowd. Like everybody else, you’ve your speciality.

Now enough about sadness. Did you laugh so much that your stomach hurt? Did you talk to people you love that you felt amazing afterwards? Or wait, did you run back onto your bed with clean sheets after a long day of work sipping a cup of hot coffee? You ate your favourite food, accomplished a small goal or completed your work on time? Did that little baby’s smile warm your heart? Or you had a good drive in the car, the cool breeze swaying your hair onto your face? Wow, life is more beautiful than you can ever imagine and you’re doing great. Even if the progress is slow, in time you will conquer everything that you want!

Yours sincerely,


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