Trip to Japan

AC Depierreux 30/03/2016 0

I have just arrived from a 2 week condensed trip to Japan: 14 days: Tokyo-Matsumoto-Kyoto-Hiroshima-Tokyo. First of all: Japan IS different and I’ll explain a bit further down the page why. I had booked… Read more

Review: Acoustic Tea Lounge

Evelyne Fallows 30/03/2016 0

When I heard a friend recommend The Acoustic Tea Lounge, the name alone arose my curiosity and I decided to put it on my “to do list”. I went for Saturday lunch with a…

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A Woman Who Walks With Purpose: Mrs. Jenny Canar

Fari Ardigo 10/03/2016 0

Mrs. Jenny Canar is a very highly motivated person. Every morning I see her at school, walking with confidence, smiling big to everyone, beaming with positivity and energy. It was a sunny Monday morning, when I…

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Find & Be Found April 19!

WSB Admin 09/03/2016 0

As an expatriate in Riyadh it can be challenging to discover all the opportunities that this city has to offer, including employment and volunteer opportunities. That said, WSB is constantly impressed with how resourceful…

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The Dangers of Sugar

Evelyne Fallows 07/03/2016 0

Have you ever wondered about the sugar content or hidden sugar in your favorite snacks and drinks? Take the Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha for example. It contains 660 calories, which is equivalent to…

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Updated Food Scene in Riyadh

Evelyne Fallows 07/03/2016 1

Today I made my first miso soup from scratch at home. Miso soup is a Japanese dish made of dried seaweed, green onions, tofu, soy sauce and miso paste. I realized with surprise and…

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